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Brand: Waterxhome
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6 Watt UV light antibacterial sterilizer

UV light sterilizers are excellent devices for treating drinking water systems, often even essential. In order to obtain the best drinkable water, filters are designed to remove germicidal and bacteriostatic substances usually found in tap water. UV sterilizers have the ability to eliminate the growth of microorganisms present in your water due to the absence of chlroine coverage.

A UV radiation system assures a protection of 30.000 µW/cm2, for dose ranges inferior to 2 liters per minute. It is a product designed for domestic use, usually used as a post-filter for reverse osmosis pressurized holding tanks.

The body of the product is made of stainless steel, the inner liner is made of quartz, a material permeable to UV rays, and it includes a Philips light blub. We can provide 6 and 8mm metal fittings UV lights (please specify in purchase order), as we understand that in time plastic can crystallize and become fragile if exposed to UV rays.

A Made in Italy product.

UV rays sterilizers can be installed in all positions, even though some may be more effective than others. Water flow enters from the bottom and exits from the top if the sterilizer is in an upright position. If the sterilizer is placed horizontally, water enters and exits from the top. This is to avoid the formation of bubbles that can decrease the effectiveness of the sterilizer and increase the deposition of lime stone on the quartz sheath walls.

Sterilizer maintenance is characterized by two phases: bulb replacement every 12 months and cleaning of the quartz's inner jacket depending on the quality of the water. The quartz inner jacket may form a cloudy layer that reduces the effectiveness of the UV rays.

We use metal fittings and not plastic for our sterilizers because of the:
- inner metal fitting
- cut fitting after exposure to UV rays.

Technical Sheet

General Information Details
Drinking water - home consumption
Effectiveness Bacteria, mold and viruses
Range 2 l/min
Radiation 30.000 µWatt / cm2 sec
Power supply 220 V 50 Hz
Power consumption 6 Watt
Duration of the light 9250 h - - if emitted radiation is under the 60% of initial value
Material Inox steel AISI 304
Fittings Metallic fittings
Height 30 cm
Diameter 5 cm
In-Out 1/4"
Fittings 8 mm o 6 mm tube upon request
Conditions of Use  
clear water
4.5 bar
Other details  
WTS- Philips
Approval DM 174 - 2004
Certification NSF
Disposal Special waste - second-hand lights collection company

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